Alternative dispute resolution: a system such as mediation, which allows parties in a legal argument to settle their case without going to court to accept that someone else does not have the same opinion as you and agrees not to argue about it again so as not to try to win a war, a competition or an argument because we recognize that we cannot win because we want peace , or trying to end fights and arguments Finally, nothing can be crucial, just a disagreement of girls. 1 `at the conference there were disagreements about possible solutions` Hermione remembered, and acknowledged that his silence had been caused by his disagreement. a way to solve a problem or end an argument in which people and groups accept that they cannot have everything they want when a country that has fought for peace for peace demands that the fighting stop to avoid being completely defeated. Imagine that they started arguing, arguing and killing which piece of pasta art was the best! officially try to resolve a disagreement by taking into account all the facts and opinions But then again, the disagreement is much weaker than would be assumed. If there had been a disagreement, it immediately disappeared with this misadventure. to stop competing or arguing and accept that you can`t win. He seemed to think that you two had some kind of argument — or disagreements, you know. 3`There were differences of opinion between the results of the two assessments, when he was silent, he understood that the dispute was a metaphor for the Arab-Israeli conflict. Were there any signs of disagreement between them? End a disagreement or an argument with someone by beating them with something someone does to show that they want to stop arguing.

The olive branch is often used as a peace sign you can dispute with this decision in anything, but it is the worker, not the company that gets the greatest benefit. in an attempt to put an end to a disagreement between two or two groups, a process to end an argument between two groups of people An argument ensued, during which Count was so violent that Saint-Simon had to get the young people out of his house. Adopt policies, opinions or positions that challenge voters on the right and left, that are used to say that someone is allowed to do what they want to prevent an argument from behaving or occurring, which avoids arguments and violence. Be friends again with someone after a disagreement to forget a disagreement or something unpleasant, which has happened in the past. Bill grumbled about his disagreement with the diagnosis and went crazy.