1An agreement or settlement of a dispute obtained by each party making concessions. The average English, mutual promise to respect the decision of an arbitrator, Anglo-French compromises, Latin compromisesum, Castrit de Compromissus, past participants of the Commune, to promise each other to promise themselves to com -promittere – read more An example of compromise is a teenager who wants to return at midnight while his parents want them to go home at 10 p.m. A secret mission that was compromised and had to be abandoned. Late average English (mutual consent to arbitration): from the old French compromise, from the late Latin compromise `a consent to arbitration`, from com-`together` -promise). He tried to compromise security in the computer by guessing the password. It would not be the first term of Russian espionage to do so 3 with purpose discredit or danger by indiscreet, stupid or ruthless behavior. Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms for compromise Incongruous design is a compromise between high technology and early America. . 2mas noun The appropriate acceptance of lower standards than is desirable.

An example of compromise is a very clean person who decides that they are not mop every day to have a good family time.