In 1997, the NSCN (I-M) signed a ceasefire agreement with the government. [3] The agreement ensured that, although the government did not put pressure on counterinsurgency operations against the NSCN (I-M) team and its leaders, the rebels would not target the armed forces. The National Socialist Council of Nagaland-IM published for the first time the details of the 2015 framework agreement, accusing interlocutor R.N. Ravi of removing a keyword from the original document and sharing the modified version with other Naga groups. “Where is he trying to bring the Nagas? He wants to divide the people of Naga simply by signing a parallel agreement. After manipulating the content of the AI, he informed his favorite Naga groups of how to look at the FA, that the FA is simply recognition of Naga`s past and nothing beyond. Just as it misled The Standing Committee of Parliament,” he said. For now, she also doesn`t want to blame Naga leaders for the disagreements between them, but to make Ravi the only factor behind. They could not have done otherwise, the NSCN argues, because Ravi gave them a “doctoral” copy of the agreement. The agreement, described as “historic” by Prime Minister Modi, was signed after more than 80 rounds of talks between the government and various interest groups, but the exact details of the deal were not disclosed. In a statement after the signing of the agreement, the government said it had recognized “the unique history, culture and position of the Nagas and their feelings and aspirations. The NSCN understood and appreciated India`s political system and governance.

The statement stated that Ravi`s “rigged” framework agreement did not have the word “new” and referred to the agreement for peaceful coexistence between the two entities. While informing about the Naga peace agreement by referring to the framework agreement, Mr Ravi said that the outlines of the agreement had not been set out in the agreement. According to Mr. Ravi, the framework agreement dealt only with the Indian government`s recognition of the uniqueness of the Naga`s history and the understanding that inclusive colonization within the Indian Federation will take place at the cost of the singularity of Naga`s history. He also said that the agreement indicated that a specific agreement had to be reached for the Nagas.