Your first transaction on the 1 Re or 2 Re site will go seamlessly to try to tell you that the transmission is instantaneous. In fact, that`s what it shows on the rental-pay side. But after that, they suspend your payments with one or the other excuse. For example, your rent might reflect on the agreement as 15k, but you could pay with maintenance and other fees maybe 18k. Then the payment will be suspended for a good week or more, then you will refund less than 2-3% as a penalty. Personally, I suggest stay AWAY from this application. There are unethical rules. They attract you with offers, but the crochet point is the rental contract, if you don`t have a suitable lease, then you`ll make money out of The Pocket without even providing a service. To create your online rental contract in 5 minutes, click here, you expect to take RA from them (700/- cost). I paid my 90k rent through NoBroker. But I took an agreement for 30k per month of rent.

60k is 2 months in advance. They approved my payment after I got the agreement from them I tried nobroker just because of payzapp offer and their advertising as no document required. I will continue with RedGiraffe and I have not had a problem for a year and a half. Even without an updated lease, I was able to pay through RedGirraffe. Nobroker says the rent mentioned in the agreement should match exactly the amount I paid via nobroker pay. As the document has not been updated and the rental and maintenance have been increased, I have paid the amount new or updated. I paid the same amount for the month of May on RedGirraffe without any problems. I think for this reason they did not deduct 2% that they mentioned in the email, but not refunded service charges.

As travel becomes a major constraint in these times, noBrokers has the rent guarantee service of many participants and experiences a lot of traction. “We want to manage 1 Lakh houses in the next few years,” Agarwal said. I`m putting this in second place. One thing a company should respect is either to implement the right rule or to have no rules at all. Redgiraffe has such a loyal base with its lower prices and once the trouble of downloading the lease that most of us have or can be made and be authenticated notarized in a few hundred dollars with a year`s peace and now, even after the expiry of the lease, they renew the rent for a year by mail, without asking for unnecessary agreement again.