A marriage contract defines the property a spouse wishes to grant to children or other family members in the event of death. Now that mixed families are becoming more frequent and women have the same potential for compensation, a court is more likely to maintain a prenup. If the agreement is understandable and both parties have had the opportunity to negotiate, if necessary, with legal assistance, a prenup can be an important legal instrument. A prenup may prevent you from being entitled to a legal part of your spouse`s estate or estate. You can also exclude certain provisions of a marriage agreement from a legal part of your spouse`s capital gain, even if you have contributed to that capital gain. NB: In order for the court to consider the prenupes, both potential spouses should seek independent legal advice before the contract is concluded – and they should not feel compelled at the time of signing. “I`ve broached the subject, but we`re both independent people with a keen eye on money issues, so she wasn`t surprised when we started talking about it,” Huffman says. The couple agreed that they both wanted to maintain financial independence in case the divorce ended. A conjugal agreement early on contributed to the establishment of this independence, especially since they were financially in different places during their engagement. Are marital agreements a fatal blow to romance? Or are marital agreements practical solutions to deal with the problematic issue of finance in a marriage? The truth is that marriage is not only a romantic relationship, it is also a kind of business relationship. This dual nature and purpose of marriage has led to the growing recognition that a conjugal agreement (also considered a pre-marital agreement or prenup, in short) can be useful in protecting the financial interests of each spouse.

If you own a business, a matrimonial business can also protect these assets! In addition to personal assets, you can include many commercial resources in your marriage pact. In some cases, you can also protect the future of your business if you think you will be much more successful.