The Corporate Documents Folder offers a broad portfolio of legal documents and other elements designed by lawyers. This wallet is an affordable and easy-to-use service. The corporate document also contains a wide range of document templates and professional instructions for use by charities, clubs, and other non-profit organizations. These documents are an invaluable quality resource for founders of new charities and clubs, trustees of existing organizations and their advisors, to help with the creation and implementation of charitable organizations. From starting a business and the company`s day-to-day secretarial obligations to various contracts and agreements to securing financing and selling a business/business, the portfolio of professionally crafted legal models is an invaluable quality resource for owners, CFOs, corporate secretaries and accountants. The portfolio includes legal models ranging from credit, shareholder, investment, business and share sale agreements to guidelines and accompanying documents, such as minutes of the board of directors and decisions relating to the performance of obligations and compliance with company secretaries, as well as the management of directors, share capital and profits. For a single price of £35.00 (+ VAT), subscribers can download and edit all documents inside the company`s file for a period of one year….