FREE Guide to the Fair Work Act DownloadFor advice on negotiating a company agreement and other useful information, fill out the following online form to request a free consultation with a labour relations specialist. Negotiations can take several weeks or months. This requires a lot of research, meetings and discussions with employers, employees and negotiators. Before starting the process, employers must inform employees of their intention to negotiate and give them sufficient time to find a suitable negotiator. The start of trade negotiations should ideally take place after the identification of organizational objectives. Objectives should belong to decision-makers and be shared with employees and stakeholders. With defined and clear objectives, companies have a point of reference to determine the direction of negotiations and overcome the obstacles that often arise during negotiations. Business goals can be at the heart of your communication framework to engage employees and respond to negotiators with consistency and clarity. Employers and employees have been conducting corporate negotiations at the workplace level for more than 20 years. For some, it has become the norm, the way their labour rights and obligations are formed.

For others, this is a relatively new process in which they may not have voluntarily participated. A company agreement is an agreement that is negotiated and concluded between one or more employers and a group of employees and defines the terms and conditions of employment. It allows your company to move away from traditional premium coverage and introduce terms and conditions of employment that better meet the needs of your business and your employees. General assessments define parameters for labor costs, workplace flexibility, and decision-making processes – critical areas for the efficient functioning of organizations. The Victorian Chamber identifies 14 different steps in the company`s negotiation process, starting with defining the organization`s goals. Here are the three types of employment contracts that can be concluded: PCS works with its clients to navigate the entire company agreement process to ensure that negotiations benefit both the brand and the company. Knowing the rights and obligations of each party in the company`s negotiation process plays a key role in protecting and potentially improving your company`s brand. From the beginning, it is the employer`s approach to the bargaining process that sets the tone for negotiations. The reasons why employers negotiate a company agreement vary from company to company. What distinguishes a company agreement from other options from an industrial point of view is that a company agreement: company agreements can cover a wide range of topics, such as: The Fair Work Commission publishes company agreements on this website. .